Belgrade Beer Fest
16-20. augustBelgrade Beer Fest
About the Festival

When the British Independent featured the Belgrade Beer Fest in its New Year's edition among several dozen most attractive tourist events in the world in 2006, it became clear that the Belgrade Cultural Network had managed to follow through on its guiding idea since 2003 – that Serbia and its capital should get a festival-type event whose quality and attendance would help it become a Belgrade brand.

The Beer Fest has established itself as an important part of Belgrade's and Serbia's tourism offerings, which is very important for the trend of promoting our country.


In three years, the festival has been attended by one million people.

Over 120 music performances have been held.

The Belgrade Beer Fest has achieved the hardest thing – to be equally well accepted by the audience and professional critics, receiving two prestigious PR awards for the publicity of the event.

This year's, fourth edition of the Belgrade Beer Fest aims at an even stronger penetration into the foreign markets, while data from European tourism fairs show that people are very interested in attending the festival.

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